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Chevron Corp

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US$ 192 billion

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US$ 16 billion

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Number of current employees who will die from a NCDs between the ages of 30-70*

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Wellness program

Chevron Wellness Stewards


Consistently deliver world-class global health expertise and resources for individuals and the business to enhance safety.


USA (California - Bay Area; California- San Joaquin Valley; Hawaii; Texas; Louisiana; Mississippi; Pennsylvania; Utah; Wyoming).


Participating employees may be eligible for Health Rewards in 2015 including a $250 Wellness Credit added to their Health Care Spending Account on January 1, 2016 and they can also be entered in a drawing for a chance to win free medical premiums for all of 2016 for themselves and their eligible dependents.

Program activities:

The program focuses on the area of:

  • Global Public Health
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Center of Excellence
  • Wellness Resources (Health and Productivity, Employment Assistance Program (EAP), WorkLife and Drug/Alcohol and Disability Management)
  • Other focus:

  • Repetitive Stress Injury Prevention Program
  • Fitness Center Programs (US): On-site Chevron Fitness Centers: Chevron fitness centers also provide a broad range of illness and injury prevention training, health education and exercise opportunities. Some locations also offer massage therapy.
  • Stress Management and Resilience
  • Disability Management that expedites recovery and return to work (US)
  • Psychological/Chemical Dependency resources
  • Online or paper risk assessment
  • Employees have access to self-help materials and coaching to decrease their risk or maintain their low risk and dependent access is also encouraged.
  • The program targets lifestyle-related factors that increase risk:

  • Blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Weight management and nutrition
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Sleep
  • Diabetes.
  • Strategies/advantages:

    Strategic Marketing/Communication Plan to drive behavior change

    Chevron in Nigeria Wellness program


    The program provides medical screening for employees, spouses and dependents. The goal is to proactively manage the health of these groups of persons through early detection of disease conditions, and by keeping individuals healthy.



    Year started:



    Offers such as competitions to win free medical plan for employees and their dependents

    Program activities:

    Clinical Medical Care, round-the-clock access to Chevron hospitals and clinics at Gbagada, Lekki, Warri, Port Harcourt, Escravos and some production facilities are available.

    The services offered include:

    • General clinics
    • Consultant/ specialist clinics including nutrition, paediatric, surgical and obstetric and gynaecological services

    Other offers/services:

    • Fitness for Duty
    • Health Education/ Health Awareness Programmes:
    • Health Fair
    • World Health Days
    • Peer Health Educators (PHE) Programme
    • Healthy Heart Programme (HHP)
    • Online access to educational information is provided for all risk groups, and telephone health coaching is provided for high risk persons. The programme includes health education (lunch and learn) sessions and access to other support service
    • Physical Fitness Programmes
    • Automated Blood Pressure machines are provided at office and offshore locations to encourage employees to self-monitor and track their blood pressure reading.
    • Body Max Index stations are also located in office and offshore locations for employees to self-monitor weight, height and body mass index
    • Red-for-a-Reason Campaign to increase blood pressure awareness in the workforce, detect cases of high blood pressure, and potentially reduce the number of heart disease related incidents and death.


    Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Work-Life Services are offered to support the program to promote and sustain a psychologically healthy and resilient workforce to support safe and successful operations.

    Humanistic and productivity outcome:

    In 2012, Chevron Nigeria reported that after implementing a wellness program for its employees, it had an 80 percent drop in the of lost days due to illness and also had a significant drop in its health costs, which goes to show how endemic it is that many employees are not just taking good care of themselves and it is affecting their productivity.