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US$ 27 billion

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US$ 2.25 billion

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Number of current employees who will die from a NCDs between the ages of 30-70*

*Based on WHO Regional Comparable Estimates

US$ 79.6 million

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Wellness program

Anglo American PLC's HIV/AIDS programme


The program is the first of its kind in South Africa, and the world’s largest workplace program for the prevention, counseling, voluntary testing and treatment of HIV. It provides services for prevention, care, support and treatment. Awareness, education and prevention campaigns focus on combating the spread of HIV.


South Africa


Of the 1,700 Anglo American employees (which has an HIV infection prevalence rate of 32.5%), 90% have been tested for HIV. Zero new infections were recorded between 2012 and 2013. Throughout the program’s tenure, 82% of employees check their HIV status annually, and 4,730 employees currently receive free anti-retroviral treatments and are enrolled in the HIV wellness program, where Anglo American aims to ensure that its people can live healthy lives.


Voluntary counselling and confidentiality is protected to support the company’s strict, no discrimination policy.

Program activities:

These programs have evolved over time, and in line with current international thinking are now based on three fundamentals - education (using a peer educator approach), condom distribution and effective treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Those who test positive receive free nutritional supplements and anti-retroviral treatments for themselves and their dependents.

iCARE Wellness program


Through this wellness program, Anglo American strives to reduce medical absenteeism, which can have a significant impact on the ability of teams to execute planned tasks safely and effectively.


South Africa


Voluntary screening and counselling.

Program activities:

Testing (through the company’s wellness program) is the entry point to the company's comprehensive program of prevention, care, support and treatment for HIV and AIDS.

Health outcome:

  • Tuberculosis incidence showed a significant decrease in 2014 and is now well below the national and mining industry average (Anglo American: 786 per 100,000 population versus the 2013 South African rate: 860 per 100,000 population). In 2014, the program tested and counselled nearly 110,000 employees and contractors in South Africa and Zimbabwe. During the year, 86% of the full-time workforce participated in testing, which means we are very close to the UNAIDS target that 90% of people living with HIV should know their status.
  • The estimated number of HIV-positive employees enrolled on the HIV wellness program has increased steadily (78% in 2014), as has the uptake of anti-retroviral therapy (ART) by HIV-positive employees

Financial outcome:

The overall medical absenteeism rate was 4.2% in 2014 (2013: 4.6%), the average rate of most business units was well below 4%. Platinum’s rate has remained above 6%.

Future goals:

The annual number of new HIV infections within southern African workforce increased in 2014 and remains unacceptably high – Anglo American's ultimate aim is zero.

Health screening/ assessment frequency:

Annual health assessment

Run by (vendors, etc.):

The program is supported by clinical, registered nurses and/or occupational therapists for a range of health education program on lifestyle factors, disease prevention and personal health improvements, including short term treatment when required.