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Baker Hughes Inc

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Transparency score: 50%

US$ 24.5 billion

Total aggregate sales

US$ 2.04 billion

Average monthly sales


Number of current employees who will die from a NCDs between the ages of 30-70*

*Based on WHO Regional Comparable Estimates

US$ 2 million

Total spending on CSR (health and community)


Total number of employees

Employee Overlay

No records disclosed from Baker Hughes Inc. on their employee geographical details

Probability of dying from NCDs per country/region

No records disclosed from Baker Hughes Inc. on their employee geographical details

Wellness program

Well Works: Healthy Living Resources


Well Works is Baker Hughes’ effort to provide Baker Hughes' employees and their family with helpful tools, information, tips, and support to help them improve their current health and/or avoid future health issues by making healthier lifestyle choices.




Voluntary and Confidential


To encourage participation in the Health Assessment, employees (and their spouses) enrolled in a Baker Hughes Medical Plan, who successfully complete a Health Assessment, will receive a discount on their Medical Plan premiums for the following plan year.

Program activities:

Various health programs are offered:

  • Chronic Health Management Programs - A confidential and voluntary program for Medical Plan members who have: • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) • Diabetes • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) • Asthma. These programs provide participants with information on the applicable chronic disease, including how to recognize associated symptoms and how to avoid complications.

Health Assessments offered:

  • Health Fairs - Health Fairs are held annually throughout the U.S. Employees and spouses are encouraged to attend a Health Fair, if offered in their area.
  • Healthy Pregnancy Program - this voluntary program provides the mother-to-be with a wealth of information during pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Kick The Habit Tobacco Cessation Program - offered by Nurtur provides participants with individualized telephonic counseling, education, and support tools designed to enhance physician care, promote self-management, and modify behavior.
  • Lifestyle Behavior Change Programs - offered by StayWell provide health education designed to help you set and meet goals to improve your health.
  • Online Healthy Living Programs - StayWell: These programs are personalized, comprehensive, and integrated with services that engage you in taking an active role in improving your health and quality of life. The programs focus on key health and lifestyle goals to offer focused, personalized solutions. This is a self-paced program that lasts 6 weeks or more.

Monitoring & Evaluation/follow-up process:

The company provides a follow up health assement process which is called the HealtheNote Care Reminders. Based on medical and prescription drug data, opportunities to improve health will be identified based on evidence-based medicine guidelines.

HealtheNote and HealtheNote reminders are generated and mailed monthly to the employees home. Opportunities available in the HealtheNote mailings will include: • Disease/drug interactions • Medical management • Disease monitoring • Drug on drug interactions • Therapy duplications • Money-saving tips • Potential medication adherence issues

HealtheNote reminders will include reminders for the following screenings: • Childhood immunizations • Mammograms • Adolescent immunizations • Screening services for diabetes• Cervical cancer screenings • Pneumonia immunizations.

Run by (vendors, etc.):

The program is run by clinicians, such as registered nurses, registered dieticians, and exercise physiologists