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Toyota Motor Corp

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US$ 285 billion

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US$ 23.75 billion

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Wellness program

Toyota Family Health Center


The Toyota Family Health Center offers a wider array of treatments and services than a typical factory medical office which includes eye care, dental services, pediatrics, laboratory tests and rehabilitation/physical therapy, Pharmacy, Primary care as well as Claims administration.

Year started:


No of employees participating:

4100 employees available to use the service


San Antonio, Texas, USA


A voluntary program - Toyota will not require employees to use the clinic but will charge higher co-payments and deductibles for workers who seek care elsewhere

Program activities:

The center runs preventive and primary health care services supported by family practitioners, internists, pediatricians, dentists, optometrists, physical therapy, and radiology, pharmacy and laboratory services. It includes the kind of occupational health services provided by employers at most manufacturing plants that are meant to deal solely with work-related injuries. It also focuses on monitoring employees' health indicators, such as smoking cessation rates and blood pressure levels, and by tracking expenses.

Financial outcome:

A 33% reduction in specialty care costs and a 5 to 16% reduction in premium trend (depending on which model is used to determine community trend) are just two of the improvements noted. Drugs also cost less and generic use is encouraged.

Humanistic and productivity outcome:

The dentistry clinic has worked hard to redesign the appointment process and roles and responsibilities of the staff. In just four months, they have reduced wait times for a new patient visit from 90 days to 27.

Future goals:

Similar services and healthcare center are also built in other locations: Alabama, Indiana and West Virginia, and at the company's North American manufacturing headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky.

Run by (vendors, etc.):

Operated by Take Care Health Systems (TCHS) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walgreens. Initially staffed by two full-time doctors and one part-time doctor and expected to increase to seven doctors

Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia, Inc. (TMMWV) Health care Center


TMMWV Health Care Center is an on-site health care center equipped with on-site pharmacy offering health care services to team members, retirees and their dependents.

Year started:

January 2009

Costs (money, resources):

$150,000 in the build-out of the 1,000 square foot health care center.


West Virginia, USA

Run by (vendors, etc):

Operated by Take Care Health Systems (TCHS) - a wholly-owned subsidiary of Walgreens

Toyota Tsusho America (TAI) The Balanced Care Family Health & Wellness Center -the trading affiliate of the Toyota Group companies


The Family Health & Wellness Center is an on-site pharmacy, healthcare center designed to improve the quality of life for Toyota Tsusho America (TAI) employees and dependents who are enrolled in TAI’s health care plan.

Year started:

July 2013


Georgetown, Kentucky, USA

Program activities:

Services include: include treatment of both acute and chronic conditions (e.g. colds, flu), high blood pressure, diabetes, annual physicals, and lab work.


The center also supplies top-quality prescriptions at discounted costs to Toyota team members who do not live near the on-site locations. Its aim is to improve efficiencies i.e. to decrease pharmacy inflation and maintain one of the best benefit programs in the industry without passing on costs to team members. The center also facilitates mail-order prescription services for its employees.

Financial outcome:

Participating TAI employees and dependents will pay no deductibles or co-pays at the new Center and will experience reduced wait times compared to traditional commercial clinics. In addition, most prescriptions will be dispensed right at the Center, with no co-pays for generic medications.

Health outcome:

Participation in health and wellness educational webinars, onsite presentations and discussions and customized plans to motivate and assist employees and their dependents to reach their health and wellness goals. Topics covered will include asthma, allergies, exercise, tobacco cessation, weight management, and healthy eating.

Run by (vendors, etc.):

Managed by Tennessee-based CareHere, LLC; consisting of physicians and registered nurses, along with a team of health & wellness professionals including: a Registered Dietitian, an Exercise Physiologist, a Behavior Health Coach and a Tobacco Cessation Coach.