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Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW)

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US$ 101 billion

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US$ 8.4 billion

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Wellness program

BMW's Associate Family Health Center


Barrick jointly published key quantitative results from the collaborative “Acceptability of Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention in Papua New Guinea” study - published in a peer-reviewed journal article in BMC Public Health, an open access journal.

Available in:

Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

Costs (money, resources etc.):

$5 Million investment in a 25,000 square foot facility.

Year started:



The Health Center is a voluntary participation

Program activities:

  • New facility and joined by occupational, primary care services, as well as vision, dental and physical therapy contribute to the combination of cost savings and the benefit of having medical services all in one location offers the company’s workforce with a new option in their overall healthcare management.
  • BMW is working to create a comprehensive quit tobacco system. They currently offer support to help employees quit including onsite health coaching for tobacco cessation and a benefit that covers two prescriptions for Chantix at no cost through the Associate Family Pharmacy. Their current smoke-free policy prohibits smoking indoors and in company vehicles. Smoking is allowed, however, in several designated areas outdoors.
  • The Associate Family Health Center offers several wellness programs for Associates and their family members:
    • Lower to Live Program for high blood pressure
    • The Dimensions Program for diabetes
    • The Cholesterol Program for high cholesterol
    • Lifestyle Coaching including weight management, tobacco cessation, and nutrition
  • BMW’s current focus is primarily on improving the food environment to support employee health and nutrition.


  • The center offers flexible appointment times to meet individual scheduling needs.
  • The onsite family pharmacy was relocated to the new facility and joined by occupational, primary care services, as well as vision, dental and physical therapy. Health coaches are available and Dimensions, a voluntary diabetes patient education program in place since 2008, is on site.

Run by (vendors, etc.):

Premise Health, a contract medical company to provide health services to associates and their families. full-time physicians, a physician’s assistant, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, licensed practical nurses, and medical assistants, plus registered pharmacists and pharmacy assistants at the Associate Family Pharmacy.

BMW South Africa HIV/AIDS program


The specific objectives of the program include:

  • To reduce the number of new infections
  • To maintain a productive, viable, and sustainable workforce
  • To reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS on all employees and their families
  • To promote the concept of HIV/AIDS advocacy
  • To ensure a safe working environment
  • To develop support structures and ‘safety’ nets

Year started:



South Africa


Since the voluntary counselling and testing campaign was launched in 2002, an estimated 77% of employees have been tested.

Costs (money, resources, etc.):

BMW South Africa’s US$ 161,000 2002 workplace budget, which corresponds to US$ 54 per employee per year, is allocated to activities as follows:

Voluntary and Counselling Testing (VCT) program promotion (10%);

  • VCT and wellness program medical expenses (30%);
  • forums, events, and workshops (12%);
  • awareness (8%);
  • training and education (6%);
  • external physician networking program (2%);
  • external promotion of HIV/AIDS program (30%).


Voluntary counselling and testing


  • The Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) project was launched in 2002 based on the feedback from the 2001 KAP assessment - free for all employees at workplace clinics.
  • BMW South Africa built its prevention and awareness program around training, peer educators, condom distribution, the treatment of syndromic sexually transmitted infections (STIs), events, workshops, forums and industrial theatre. HIV+ employees gain access to BMW’s comprehensive care, support and treatment program, including access to Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Treatment (HAART).


A culture of trust and management leading by example have helped generate rapid VCT uptake. The provision of free HAART treatment for all HIV+ employees provides an incentive for employees to participate in the program.

  • Invest in a number of small changes to improve confidentiality and employee trust (e.g. change waiting room and consultation room design);
  • Develop the program based on company-specific needs determined through a multi-stakeholder designed KAP survey;
  • Communication focuses on "empowering the individual to value life" as well as practical role-playing examples to help employees cope with likely situations (e.g. how to negotiate with your partner to use a condom, how to tell your kids about sex, how to tell your spouse if you are positive).

Humanistic and productivity outcome:

  • More than 90% of employees participate in BMW South Africa’s health insurance plan;
  • BMW South Africa supplies 60% of the cost of the insurance premiums for each participant;
  • All of the health plan’s options provide coverage for HIV/AIDS treatment, including HAART, up to US$ 2,500 per registered participant per year;
  • If the employee is not insured, but learns of his/her HIV+ status in the VCT campaign, the employee may immediately join the health plan without penalty or discrimination for HIV related medication
  • BMW’s medical aid, disability, and group life insurance plans do not discriminate against HIV/AIDS status.

Future goals:

  • To roll out a similar program to BMW South Africa’s 56 dealers, and exploring ways to encourage similar program for suppliers. For example, HIV/AIDS related television sessions have been broadcasted to the entire dealer network, and one dealership has already implemented an internal program of its own. The program has also been presented to two suppliers thus far;
  • Continuing the testing campaign;
  • Having a fully functional biokinetic center in place where employees can participate in active reconditioning including prescribed, goal-driven exercise program;
  • Expanding women’s forums to include training in how to become financially independent and self-defense classes;
  • Creating an environment where the employees can and do publicly declare their status.
  • Development of a multi-purpose care center in the surrounding community. This site will include VCT, youth program, early childhood development and a hospice together with income-generating projects for those living with HIV.

Run by (vendors, etc.):

The HIV/AIDS committee, chaired by the plant manager who is a board member, and is also composed of representatives from the union, finance, human resources, medical services, management and other interested parties. There is a small working committee that meets weekly.

The committee performs the following functions:

  • develops and maintains the HIV/AIDS policy;
  • designs and evaluates the strategy and action plans;
  • recommends and monitors the program’s budget.