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US$ 354 billion

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US$ 29.5 billion

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Number of current employees who will die from a NCDs between the ages of 30-70*

*Based on WHO Regional Comparable Estimates

US$ 85 million

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Wellness program

BP Wellness Program


BP Wellness aims to promote wellness program throughout the year by creating small, program-specific campaigns highlighting the various wellness services and activities available.

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BP America


In every year since its inception, over 91% of incentive-eligible employees and spouses have participated in some aspect of the BP Wellness Program (more than 20,000 employees, spouses, and adult-dependents in the US). BP Integrates all available programs into a single point of access with a Web-based Health Portal


No financial incentives, but tied its incentive strategy to the benefit design i.e. eligibility for the company's premium health plan option; each employee and their dependent must complete the annual HQ and earn 1000 wellness points during the course of the year by completing a variety of wellness activities.

Program activities:

  • Predominant risk factor for the company were: back care, eating, Weight, preventive exams, blood pressure
  • BP also launched "BP’s Million Step Challenge" which was launched in 2013 – a program in which participants work to reach one-, two- and three-million step goals – has driven physical activity as the foundation of wellness at BP Introduced last year, it now has over 25,000 participants, including BP employees and dependents who track their steps using wireless activity trackers provided by the company at no cost.
  • Core program offerings include:
    • annual health assessment questionnaire (HQ);
    • health information portal;
    • personal health record;
    • Health advisor calls (one-on-one calls with a StayWell health professional);
    • Interactive online wellness classes;
    • Physical activity campaigns;
    • 52-week intensive weight management program;
    • Biometric health screenings;
    • Targeted lifestyle and disease management;
    • Onsite and online wellness classes in topics like weight management, stress, nutrition, and back care;
    • Onsite campaigns targeting weight management, physical activity, nutrition, and stress
    • Onsite health and wellness facilities that include primary urgent care, pharmacy, physical therapy, dental and vision care.

Financial outcome:

Reduced overall health care spend for BP by 3.5%; Achieved an ROI of $3:1

Health outcome:

Overall health risks declined by 8.6% and for employees who participated in a lifestyle management program, their risks declined by 11.1%

Health screening/assessment frequency:

Annual health assessment questionnaires are conducted.

Run by (vendors, etc.):

The program is managed by a third party vendor a partnership with StayWell Health Management. The financial impact analysis is supported by an integrated data warehouse that is maintained by StayWell. Analyses are conducted annually by Mangen Research Associates with oversight by Mercer, on behalf of BP. Health outcomes are reported by the program supplier, StayWell, with report review conducted by Mercer.


  • BP was named among the "Best employers for Healthy Lifestyles" by the National Business Group on Health at the Gold Award level in 2012 and the Platinum Award level in 2013.
  • nominated for International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Silver Quill Award in 2015
  • 2014 C. Everett Koop National Health Award for Employee Health and Wellness Program
  • 2014 C. Everett Koop National Health Award for Employee Health and Wellness Program