The Sharjah Declaration on NCDs: Civil Society United Towards 2030

The Sharjah Declaration on NCDs: Civil Society United Towards 2030

As the first-ever Global NCD Alliance Forum in Sharjah (UAE) came to an end on November 15, more than 200 civil society representatives from six continents adopted the Sharjah Declaration on NCDs: Civil Society United Towards 2030. It is the global civil society’s commitment to effectively engage in advocacy and accountability, thereby advancing the fight against the growing NCD-burden: “We come together united in our support for the 2030 Agenda, and commit to doing our part to accelerate action and increase accountability to prevent and reduce deaths, disability, stigma, and discrimination caused by NCDs.” Furthermore, the forum highlighted civil society’s key role in tackling NCDs.

Civil society engagement, as highlighted in the Sharjah Declaration, is an important step towards furthering efforts against NCDs within the Asia Pacific context. As many regional governments are overwhelmed, underfunded, and understaffed to tackle the ever-increasing NCD-burden on their own, multisectoral and civil society engagement can be a promising route towards advancing innovative ways of financing for NCDs as well as furthering advancing advocacy and accountability efforts.

The NCD Asia Pacific Alliance together with representatives from alliances and key stakeholders from around the world formed part of the editorial committee of the Sharjah Declaration on NCDs. NCDAPA and its constituents fully support the declaration and will work towards its fulfillment within the region.

The declaration can be found here.


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