Sugar industry finds a sweet spot within academia

In the 1950s US scientists began to identify links between sugar and coronary heart disease. Now, 60 years later, the consensus among experts holds that sugar consumption is a risk factor for heart disease.
A historical analysis published in the Journal JAMA Internal Medicine found that the sugar industry sponsored its first research project in 1965, a literature review in the New England Journal of Medicine, blaming fat and cholesterol as the sole culprits for coronary heart disease. The study finds that the sugar industry sponsored an entire research programme in the 1960s and 1970s, designed to question the negative effects of sugar. The JAMA work examines the Sugar Research Foundation’s internal documents, historical reports, and statements relevant to early debates related to causes for coronary heart disease.
This study is an excellent example and warning to policymakers around the world prompting to keep a close eye on the food industry’s attempts to influence scientific research. NCDAPA continues to emphasize that sugar consumption is one of the major dietary factors contributing to the increasing NCD burden in the Asia Pacific region as well as globally.