The perils of physical inactivity in 2016

On July 27, The Lancet published Physical Activity 2016: Progress and Challenges, its second series on physical activity since 2012. The latest series encourages policy makers to take physical activity more seriously and provide sufficient capacity and funding to implement national policies. The authors warn that without a rapid increase in action, the WHO target of a 10% reduction of physical activity by 2025 will not be reached.

The series includes a study by lead author Prof Ulf Ekelund which suggests that the increased risk of death associated with sitting for eight hours a day was eliminated for people exercising a minimum of one hour per day. The study also suggests that the 150 minutes of physical exercise a week, recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), are insufficient for many people.

Another study in the series estimates the costs of physical inactivity to equal $67.5bn for the global economy, per annum.


The Lancet:

All this confirms NCDAPA’s urgent calls for a scaling up of resources and the promotion of physical activities in schools and workplaces across the world and the Asia Pacific.